About Us

Several years ago we decided to look for our first Chinese Shar-pei. It was on a television show called, Hill Street Blues, where we first saw the breed. We did our research on the breed, got our first dogs and went to our first show. We not only had a great time, but we even won our class, we were hooked! Then as they say, the rest is history.

Tim is an AKC judge. Both of us have been showing dogs for over 30 years, having produced over 30 AKC Champions to date. 

Tim was the President of the Cambridge MN Kennel Club (CMKC) for over 8 years. Currently, Tim is the CMKC treasurer and has been for the past 5 years. Nancy is also on the Board of the CMKC. Both of us have been involved in the CMKC for over 30 years. Nancy has been on the Board of the National Chinese Shar-pei club for the past two years, she is the President of the local Chinese Shar-pei club for the past 3 years, but we have both been members of the Chinese Shar-pei club for over 30 years. 

We both are on the board of the Star North Shar-pei Kennel Club since it was established, that was 25 years ago.

Then we decided to consider another breed and fell in love with the French Bulldogs. We both belong to new local start up club, the French Bulldog Club of Minnesota. The French Bulldog was a great fit for our family, they have a clown like personality, a great family dog and they keep us laughing and entertained.  

A bit about our personal life. We are a family with two children and by September 2019, we are thrilled to be adding two more children to our family. Our kids are very involved with our dogs, which is great because they love the dogs and our dogs and our puppies receive the best socialization. Our kids enjoy showing in juniors and our youngest hopes to start showing this year as well. 

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